Boilers The technicians at Border Sheet Metal & Heating have the skills to handle all residential boilers in Hayden, ID. A boiler is commonly used to heat water as well as provide home heating through radiators and in floor systems. The most popular forms use electricity, oil, or natural gas. Depending on your usage and the size of your home, these systems can have a significant impact on your monthly utility bills. Trust us to offer boiler repair services that keep your home comfortable and safe year-round.

    Boilers in Hayden

    Boilers are major household systems that withstand years of wear and tear. After about a decade of use, you’ll notice that your boiler may not be as efficient or quiet as before. While it may still have several years of use left, it will need more frequent repairs and service. Older systems are in danger of developing corrosion, using more energy, making odd noises, and leaking.

    If you live in an area with hard water, sediment will develop inside your boiler and its vital tubes. This sludge can impact the pressure relief valve, stopping it from closing completely. A malfunctioning relief valve can manifest as leaking water, overheating, and an unsafe internal pressure level.

    Calling for expert boiler repairs in Hayden will:
    • Lower safety risks
    • Improve durability
    • Minimize chance of breakdown
    • Prevent spread of harmful gases

    If you have a combination system, getting prompt repairs is even more essential. Without service, you’re at risk of going without both hot water and home heating. These dual systems utilize many more parts to deliver heat to every room and floor. When you start to notice uneven heating or some areas left cold, it could be because of the boiler itself or another essential component.

    Locating defective parts is often difficult for those outside of the industry. Relying on boiler experts gives you access to premium-grade tools and experience. We’ll be able to immediately pinpoint the problem and work on a quick solution that restores your family’s comfort.

    Skilled Boiler Repair Team

    Border Sheet Metal & Heating is a distinguished HVAC company that offers residential and commercial services in Hayden. We’ve been a family-owned business since we started three generations ago in 1942. Our technicians are both NATE-certified and EPA-certified.

    We’re also proud to have won several awards over the past 50 years, including the Best Of North Idaho and the Centurion Award. Trust us to provide the highest-caliber of HVAC service at a fair price. Be sure to keep us in mind if you ever need 24/7 emergency repairs.

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