How To Prevent Bugs from Getting Inside AC Unit

July 13, 2021
Bugs in AC Unit in Hayden, ID

When the temperatures around your home region begin to take an upward direction, you’re not the only one who will be seeking shelter. Typically, bugs are small animals that live in the same environment we do. This might not necessarily be in the same home. In their search for shelter, these bugs might get into your air conditioning and probably end up in your living or working space. The following are particular methods through which you can prevent this from happening.

1. Insulate Your Air Conditioning Unit

The surest way to protect your AC from bugs is insulation. Essentially, you can insulate your air conditioner using materials such as cardboard and duct tape. With duct tape, seal the smaller cracks that allow bugs inside your air conditioner. Additionally, you can use caulk for cracks you want to seal permanently.

2. Fill the Holes Around Your Condenser

Bugs that get into your air conditioner could be coming from the area around your outdoor unit. If you find any hole near the condenser, fill it with concrete, or caulk it up. Though the holes might appear small, it is always advisable to fill them before they become a bug menace.

3. Clear Plants Away

While some bugs could be coming from the ground, others originate from plants around the condenser. Therefore, you should keep your condenser clear of any plants by cutting off branches that lean towards the condenser. Additionally, ensure that flowers or other plants are at least three meters away.

4. Create a Rock Garden

A rock garden will be an aesthetic addition to your home as well as serving as a deterrent to the bugs. Essentially, a rock garden prevents bugs from building nests close to your condenser.

Apart from the menace of bugs crawling in your air conditioner, these bugs could also cause damage to your AC. Therefore, you should ensure that you protect your AC from them earlier in advance. At Border Sheet Metal & Heating, we offer heating and cooling installation, repair, and maintenance services to Hayden residents. We also provide services such as geothermal, water heaters, solar, and ductwork. For more information, contact us at Border Sheet Metal & Heating today.

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