Should My Furnace Fan Continuously Run

January 4, 2020

Should My Furnace Fan Continuously RunAs temperatures drop, you are likely wondering about the most efficient way to operate your home’s furnace. One of the most common questions our team at Border Sheet Metal & Heating receives is whether it is okay to continuously leave the furnace in the “on” position. Keep reading to learn more about whether it is most efficient for you to allow your furnace to run continuously this winter.

Are There Benefits to Running the Furnace Fan Continuously?

You may find it especially beneficial to run your furnace fan continuously if you have a large or multi-story home. Because heat rises, the lower levels of your home will naturally be cooler. Running the furnace continually provides an even circulation of warm air throughout your home. When you run your furnace on the fan setting, some of the hot air will circulate back downstairs while cooler air circulates upstairs.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Continuously Running the Furnace Fan?

There may be a slight disadvantage to running your furnace fan continually, depending on the nature of your heating system. Leaving your furnace fan on around the clock may slightly increase your electric bill. However, if your furnace has a high-efficiency motor, your electric bill is not likely to increase. For more information on how to save on your energy bill, contact our Hayden, Idaho, office to schedule an inspection. We provide furnace inspections, maintenance, repair, and installation services to homes and commercial buildings in Hayden and surrounding areas.

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