What’s Causing My AC Leak?

May 17, 2022
AC Leaking in Hayden, ID

Air conditioner leaks are common during the summer when your home constantly requires cool air. While every AC unit naturally makes water, it shouldn’t be leaking anywhere out of the system. Here are a few common issues that could be causing your AC leak.

Condensate Line Problems

Your condensate line is responsible for transporting water safely out of the system. This line can become clogged due to dirt and algae, which causes the water to accumulate and leak. You’ll likely experience some condensate line issues over time as this component can also become disconnected or break. A trained technician can easily replace the part if necessary or clear out the line of any debris.

Dirty Air Filter

Your AC unit’s air filter is essential to maintaining its regular efficiency. If your unit’s airflow is restricted, the system will begin to experience problems with the evaporator. These coils can freeze over time and then begin to drip into the unit. While a small amount of condensation is normal for AC units, a continuous amount is often a sign that something is going wrong internally that you need to address.

Too Cold Outside

Your evaporator coils will also be at risk if you run your AC unit when it’s too cold outside. Constant cold air will freeze essential parts of your unit, causing damage and rampant leaking. Avoid struggling with this issue by only running your air conditioning when it’s above 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

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