Which Is Cheaper: Geothermal or Electric?

March 16, 2023
HVAC systems in Hayden, ID

If you want to keep your Hayden home comfortable, your best option is to use some type of HVAC system. Since heating and cooling your home can use a significant amount of energy, it’s important to consider different types of HVAC systems to find the most cost-effective heating and cooling solution. Two common types of HVAC systems are electric systems and geothermal systems. To help you understand the cost benefits of each type of system, check out this article from Border Sheet Metal & Heating.

Initial Cost

One factor to consider when comparing electric and geothermal systems is the initial cost of the systems. Geothermal systems are typically more expensive at first. That’s because geothermal systems use a buried refrigerant line to control your home’s temperature. Burying this line is typically labor intensive, making the installation costs increase. A basic electric HVAC system is fairly straightforward to install, making it less expensive upfront.

Operating Costs

You should also consider the ongoing operating costs of your HVAC system when choosing which type of system to install in your home. In general, geothermal systems are much less expensive to operate because they use less electricity. This is because geothermal systems can move heat energy into and out of your home using the underground refrigerant line. Since underground temperatures stay fairly consistent, there is less external energy input that is needed from geothermal systems to change the temperature of the air in your home.


Before installing an HVAC system, it’s important to consider its longevity. When properly maintained by Border Sheet Metal & Heating, both electric and geothermal systems can last about the same length of time, with perhaps a slight edge going to geothermal systems. The good news is that the more expensive component of geothermal systems, the underground refrigerant line, can last approximately 50 years, meaning that future replacement costs for your geothermal system could be lower.

Your Heating and Cooling Experts

When you’re choosing a new HVAC system for your home, you can trust Border Sheet Metal & Heating to provide sound advice to help you make a great decision. We can also install air conditioners, repair furnaces, install garage heaters, maintain boilers, perform commercial HVAC service, and much more. Since our founding more than 80 years ago, we’ve been going out of our way to treat our customers with integrity. That’s why we consistently earn five-star customer reviews. To learn more about keeping your home comfortable, contact us at Border Sheet Metal & Heating today.

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