Why Does My AC Smell?

June 18, 2020

When your air conditioner starts emitting a strange odor, what it smells like is a clue to what the problem is. This helps you narrow down what the issue is and whether it’s something you can handle or need a professional to look into. Here are some odors air conditioners can produce and what they probably mean.

Dirty Socks

This smell makes it seem like a group of sweaty teenagers moved into your home. It’s usually caused by mold on your AC unit’s evaporator coils, mold in the ducts or a clogged condensate line. Mold can be dangerous to your health, although it most often just causes coughing and wheezing in otherwise healthy people.

Border Sheet Metal & Heating of Hayden, ID, can deal with “Dirty Sock Syndrome.” We have been in business since 1942 and can figure out exactly what is happening in your air conditioning system when strange smells develop.

Rotten Egg Smell

This less than pleasant odor is caused by methyl mercaptan. This chemical is added to natural gas so it can be smelled when leaking. If you turn on your air conditioning system and smell this, it means gas is leaking from your furnace into your ducts. You should evacuate your home and have a technician come as soon as possible.

Burning Smell

If it smells like something is burning when you turn on your AC, something probably is. It can be the AC unit’s motor, a problem with the wiring or some other type of mechanical issue. You should turn off your air conditioner at the circuit box and call a professional. You need to turn the AC off so that a fire doesn’t erupt.

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