The Best Ways to Heat a Garage

March 9, 2021
Garage Heater

Your projects and hobbies must continue even during the winter. That means spending time in your garage. Unfortunately, a typical garage is not designed to be warm inside when the weather is harsh. Garages often lack insulation, and their concrete floors remain frigid throughout the cold season. When the air inside your garage is chilly, your tools will be icy, and working in that sort of environment can be difficult. Here are some methods you can consider to heat your garage during the cold months.

Choose a Heat Source

You can buy a large or small portable space heater for your garage. However, it might not provide enough heat for the entire space. If your garage is large, consider a ceiling-mounted forced-air heating unit. Ensure that the heater is capable of handling the square footage of your garage. You can place the heater in a corner pointing downwards to distribute warm air efficiently. Most ceiling-mounted heaters have a thermostat and remote control that enable you to set your preferred temperature.

Ductless Heating and Cooling

Ductless heating and cooling systems, also known as split-ductless or multi-split systems, can effectively heat your garage without consuming much energy. A ductless system is eco-friendly, and it meets the highest energy guidelines. These systems are also easier to install than most HVAC systems.

Eliminate Drafts

Heating your garage during winter also entails sealing all gaps that allow cold drafts to leak in and warm air to seep out. You will likely notice small gaps around the garage door if it doesn’t fit tightly in its frame. You can use an integrated weather-strip seal to block the gaps and prevent cold air from entering. If they are a few of years old, it’s advisable to replace your garage door’s gaskets. Sealing drafty windows can also help to retain heat.

Consider these garage heating options for a warm space during the cold months. For personalized heating advice, you can also talk to our heating experts at Border Sheet Metal & Heating. We are experienced with a complete range of heating and cooling installations, repairs and maintenance, and we’re qualified to design the ideal heating arrangement for your garage. We also deal with geothermal systems and water heaters in Hayden and throughout northern Idaho. Call us at Border Sheet Metal & Heating in Hayden, ID, today to discuss your needs.

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