When you are in need of AC repair in the Sandpoint, ID area, Border Sheet Metal & Heating is a great company to contact for your repair and service needs. This area of the state continues to have hot weather throughout the summer months and having access to a reputable company will ensure your air conditioner is working and ready for the summer. Our team will fully evaluate your air conditioner, identify repair needs, and then complete any air conditioner service you need to keep your cooling system working well.

    AC Repair in Sandpoint, ID

    Top-Rated AC Repair in Sandpoint

    Your home air conditioner is a reliable appliance but can need repairs from time to time to keep it running normally. If you notice that something isn’t quite right with your cooling system, be on high alert and act before it’s too late. Oftentimes, resolving minor issues early on can prevent the need for a more costly fix down the road. Of course, if the issue has resulted in no cooling at all, we’re available 24/7 for emergency AC repair response.

    Top-Rated AC Repair in Sandpoint

    There are several situations in particular when you should call a local company for your repair needs. Some of these include the following:
    • AC unit is making odd noises
    • Cold air is not produced
    • Energy bills are excessively higher
    • Strange smells when turning on unit

    All of these situations can indicate the need for air conditioner service. If you do need service, our technicians can handle any repairs that you need. This process will include running a variety of tests to determine what is not working, replacing any broken parts, refilling the unit with new refrigerant, or anything else needed to keep your air conditioner running well. With many years of experience, there’s really nothing we haven’t seen before. Have full confidence in our ability to completely fix any issue with your air conditioner.

    Proficient Air Conditioner Service

    When you are in need of AC repair, our team at Border Sheet Metal & Heating is a great group to work with. We are a very reputable, family-owned company in the area that has been doing business since 1942. Since that time, we have been owned and operated by three family generations that continue to focus on ensuring our customer needs are always met. Our company hires and trains NATE-certified technicians, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and is known for being a top Northwest HVAC training center. We tailor your experience to ensure that your air conditioning repair needs will be met and that you can continue to enjoy cool air throughout the summer.

    The next time you need help with your air conditioner, you should call us at Border Sheet Metal & Heating to schedule an appointment. We will dispatch a technician quickly to ensure your air conditioner is fixed and working well.

    If you ever need a new air conditioner, we can also ensure you select one that is right for your home. We’re the area’s most trusted team for AC installation.

    Our air conditioner maintenance will help to keep your cooling system in good working order all summer. Schedule your next tune-up with us!

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    Beyond the repair of air conditioners, we offer heating repair as well.