Heat Pump Services in Kellogg, ID If you need to get a heat pump system in Kellogg, ID, then contact the experts at Border Sheet Metal & Heating today. We are standing by and ready to provide you with a heat pump installation and to assist with any other home comfort issues. A heat pump is an eco-friendly single-unit system that does heating and cooling and is likely to need less maintenance than other HVAC units. It’s also more energy-efficient and is likely to save you money over a long period of time. If you are dealing with an aging unit, or getting sick of dealing with the constant repairs, then getting a heat pump is probably right for you. If you are interested in getting this efficient single unit for your home, then contact us right away.

    Your Local Heat Pump System Team in Kellogg

    Even though a heat pump requires less upkeep than other typical HVAC units, getting it maintained is still integral to keeping it working right. Some manufacturers are even known to void the warranty if you don’t get it checked out once a year by a professional. The lifespan of a heat pump is between ten to twenty years, with fifteen being the average, so a yearly tune-up can make a big difference. Whatever heat pump issue you are dealing with, trust our team to handle it.

    If you are still unsure about getting a heat pump installation, then look below for a few more good reasons:
    • You’ll save more money with your unit, over time
    • The system operates more quietly than other HVAC units
    • It will increase your indoor air quality
    • Unit doesn’t use gas or combustion, so it’s eco friendly

    Your Heat Pump Installation Experts

    Your Heat Pump Installation Experts Border Sheet Metal & Heating has been in operation since 1942, and we have helped Kellogg residents with their home comfort issues by providing them with a heat pump system and more. Our home assistance is affordable and efficient, providing you with a service that goes the extra mile. We’ll always be upfront and never overcharge, our job is to ensure your trust and satisfaction, not to gauge you. We’ll make sure nothing is overlooked on the job, providing you with a heat pump that won’t run any into any immediate issues.

    If you need a new heat pump system in Kellogg, then contact Border Sheet Metal & Heating today!

    We also offer heat pump services in Bayview, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Sandpoint, and Hayden.