Heat Pumps in Post Falls, IDHeat pumps offer you an alternative heating and cooling method. However, these systems operate differently from the usual systems since they control a home’s temperature by transferring heat from warmer locations to cooler ones. Therefore, you should consider opting for heat pumps instead of the typical heating and cooling systems in Post Falls, ID. After installing these systems, it is essential to seek heat pump services from a reputable company to maintain their effectiveness and reliability.

    We Have The Heat Pumps You Need

    The installation duration of a heat pump depends on the system you choose. Although installation takes approximately five hours, a simple back-to-back installation can take as little as three hours. The best place to install a heat pump condenser is usually in a shady location, far from direct sunlight. You should install your condenser behind your house, away from any vegetation or shrubbery, to avoid interference with the airflow. Moreover, the installation location should be easily accessible to facilitate general maintenance and heat pump services.

    So, why should you consider installing a heat pump?
    • More energy efficient
    • No fuel storage needed
    • Provides both cooling and heating
    • Fewer carbon emissions
    • Longer lifespan

    Many homeowners face the dilemma of repairing or replacing a heat pump. Typically, the solution depends on the condition of a pump. Although cost is one of the main factors you should consider, it is also crucial to evaluate its effectiveness and reliability. Some systems may require replacement due to their inability to function correctly.

    Your Best Heat Pump Services in Post Falls

    Your Best Heat Pump Services in Post FallsTypically, a heat pump requires a tune-up twice per year to maintain efficiency and performance. You should always seek help from a qualified technician for maintenance as quality should be your main priority. A complete heat pump service usually entails cleaning and disinfecting the indoor unit to avoid bacteria build-up on the coil and other parts of the unit and applying anti-microbial tablet treatment in a condensate drip tray to prevent bacteria growth within the indoor unit. These services also entail cleaning the outer covers, vanes, and the indoor unit’s filters. At Border Sheet Metal & Heating, we offer exceptional heat pump services. Located at Hayden Avenue, our company is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. This is based on our reputation for installing the best equipment and quality assistance.

    Extreme temperatures can make you quite uncomfortable in your home. Contact us today for high-quality heat pump services and installation in Post Falls. We also offer heat pump services in Hayden, Bayview, Coeur d’Alene, Kellogg, and Sandpoint.