Heat Pump Services in Sandpoint, IDIf you are looking for a heat pump system in Sandpoint, ID, then the team at Border Sheet Metal & Heating has you covered. We are here to get you a new heat pump installation into your home and help you out with any other home comfort issue that needs to be addressed. A heat pump is an eco-friendly single-unit system that handles your heating and cooling and requires less maintenance than your typical HVAC unit. It’s also more energy-efficient and can save you more money, over time. If you are struggling with an aging unit or are fed up with having your current system constantly repaired then getting a heat pump can be a good solution. If you want this eco-friendly and less stressful single unit for your home, then contact us today.

    A Trustworthy Heat Pump System Team in Sandpoint

    Even though a heat pump needs less maintenance, having it maintained is still necessary for long system life. If you don’t get your unit checked out at least once a year, you might run the risk of having your warranty voided. Since a heat pump lasts between ten to twenty years, with the average being around fifteen, you gain numerous benefits from having it regularly tuned up. Whatever heat pump issue you have, our team will get it solved.

    If you are still uncertain about getting a heat pump installation for your home, then here are a few more reasons:
    • It saves you more money, over time
    • The system is more quiet than other HVAC units
    • You’ll see an improvement in indoor air quality
    • The eco-friendly unit doesn’t use gas or combustion

    Your Local Heat Pump Installation Professionals

    Your Local Heat Pump Installation ProfessionalsBorder Sheet Metal & Heating has been around since 1942 and is here to help the residents of Sandpoint with their home comfort by providing a new heat pump system and helping with other home comfort issues. Our service is affordable and efficient, and we go the extra mile to do the job right. You’ll never be misled or overcharged with what we offer. We make sure everything goes right and nothing is overlooked. We want to provide you with a heat pump that works and keeps your home as warm or cool as you want it.

    If you are a resident in need of a new heat pump system in Sandpoint, then contact Border Sheet Metal & Heating today.

    We also provide heat pump services in Bayview, Coeur d’Alene, Kellogg, Post Falls, and Hayden.