Safe Ways to Heat Your Garage

December 3, 2020

There are several reasons you may want to heat your garage. For instance, you may have a workshop in it or you may work a lot on cars. If you need to heat your garage, there are ways to do so safely.

Garage Insulation

Before you decide how to heat your garage, first insulate it. Otherwise, any heat that is generated will quickly escape outdoors.

Ductless Mini-Split System

If you use your garage regularly in the winter, it may make sense to invest in a ductless mini-split system. With this system, there’s an air-handler in the garage and a compressor unit outside. These systems operate on electricity, so they’re safe to use.

Border Sheet Metal & Heating in Hayden, ID, installs and services ductless mini-splits systems. We’re an award-winning business that’s been helping people since 1942.

Forced-Air Heater

These systems can be professionally installed to heat your garage safely. They come in a range of sizes and can use electricity or gas to generate heat. Because they blow air, they should be pointed away from an area where woodworking is done.

Convection Heater

These versatile heaters can be powered by electricity, gas or propane. They pull air into themselves, heat it and blow it out. If you choose the right size of convection heater, they can quickly and safely warm a garage.

Radiant Heating

You can have an in-floor radiant heating system installed in your garage. These systems are especially great at keeping your feet warm. This is a very safe way to heat your garage from the floor up.

Wall-Mounted Electric Heater

You can have an HVAC company install a wall-mounted electric heater in your garage. These operate similar to portable space heaters but are safer as they can’t be knocked over.

Border Sheet Metal & Heating offers services in Hayden for heating and cooling systems, including furnaces and air conditioners. We can also help you with indoor air quality, new construction, ductwork, solar-ready solutions, water heaters, gas fireplaces and duct cleaning. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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