What Do You Need to Know About Keeping Your Furnace Safe?

October 20, 2020

Carbon monoxide poisoning and fires are two potential safety concerns when running a furnace. Today’s furnaces are built with safety mechanisms in place to greatly reduce the risk, but you need to maintain them properly. Proper furnace maintenance involves scheduling a preventive tune-up once a year, periodically cleaning the air filter, and following other important furnace safety rules.

Maintain Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Many homeowners have a carbon monoxide detector installed, but they don’t test it or change the batteries. You should change the batteries every six months if it’s a model that has replaceable batteries. Furthermore, test the carbon monoxide detector once a month. Maintaining your carbon monoxide detector is crucial because you don’t want to risk this dangerous odorless gas going undetected.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance Once a Year

Safety concerns with a poorly maintained furnace include carbon monoxide leaks, fires, and poor indoor air quality. Dust buildup and loose electrical connections are furnace fire hazards. At Border Sheet Metal & Heating, we can address loose electrical connections and clean out the gunk buildup. We can also thoroughly inspect the system for early signs of problems and lubricate moving parts. All of these tasks are important on an annual basis to keep your furnace safe, effective, and efficient.

Change the Air Filter Once a Month

Clogged air filters increase the risk of a furnace fire. Your furnace may overheat as it works harder to keep your home warm. Dirt buildup on the filter also contributes to the fire risk. Change or clean the air filter on a monthly basis to keep your furnace as safe as possible. Some models only need an air filter change every three months, but monthly is still ideal.

Border Sheet Metal & Heating is a heating and cooling company that you can trust for reliable maintenance in Hayden, ID. We’ve been in business since 1942, and we have a highly skilled team of NATE-certified technicians. Our crew can handle HVAC installations, repairs, indoor air quality testing, and more. Contact us today to schedule a service.

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