4 Reasons to Avoid DIY AC Servicing

May 11, 2023
AC Maintenance in Hayden, ID

Air conditioner malfunctioning can manifest in various ways. If you suspect something is wrong with your AC, the best idea is to call a professional to assist. Many things can go wrong with DIY AC repairs compared to relying on a licensed technician. Although it sounds cost-effective and fun, it is not the best way to reduce costs and is certainly unsafe. Keep reading to discover some things that could go wrong with the DIY approach.

1. Electrical Issues

ACs are appliances that require high-voltage electrical power for their operation. Even if you possess some basic knowledge of handling electrical appliances, you will find that air conditioners are too complex. One wrong move can lead to electrocution, which can sometimes be fatal. Other times, electricity can pose a fire hazard.

2. Damaging Your Unit

Fixing an AC unit requires someone who knows what they are doing. Some AC problems are so complex that even qualified technicians take significant time to resolve them. Therefore, if you work on a component and damage it unintentionally, it may lead to bigger issues that could even require a complete AC system replacement.

3. Lack of Proper Tools

Even the simplest ACs have many wires and parts that may be confusing. To repair them, you need special tools and diagnostic equipment, among other things. Even with access to these tools, you will require special training. Professional technicians have easy access to these tools and the proper training to handle them. It is important to just leave the job to them.

4. Voiding the Warranty

AC manufacturers usually provide a warranty for their ACs that cover components for some time. However, those warranties specify that professionals must install the system and repair it. Professional maintenance is normally also required to keep the warranty valid. A manufacturer will typically void your warranty if unauthorized persons work on the equipment.

Trust Your Local Experts

If you look at the disadvantages of trying to service your own AC, you’ll find that it simply isn’t worth it. Now that you know the risks that DIY AC servicing poses to both you and your system, you’ll want professionals to handle the job for you. Well, here we are. We proudly serve the residents of Hayden and the surrounding area, providing them with heating, cooling, and indoor air quality installation, repairs, and maintenance. Rely on us for ductwork assistance as well. Our technicians are conscientious and thorough, and they’ll make sure your AC continues operating with no problems. Call us at Border Sheet Metal & Heating today to schedule an appointment.

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