4 Signs That Your Home’s Ductwork Needs Attention

January 10, 2022
Damaged Duct Signs in Hayden, ID

Without a good system of ductwork, your home’s HVAC system would have a difficult time heating and cooling your spaces. If your ductwork is damaged, your HVAC system will be less efficient, and you will likely feel less comfortable in your home. Here are four simple signs that point to damage in your ductwork.

Rising Energy Bills

If there is not a trend of rising energy costs in your community but your bills are still going up, it may be that your ducts are leaking air that was heated or cooled by your HVAC unit. Damaged ducts tend to be leaky and cause your HVAC unit to work harder than it needs to attain the desired temperature result. Thus, your energy bills will rise unusually. If you see this easy-to-notice sign in your energy bills, your HVAC ducts probably need attention.

Mildew and Mold

Another sign of damaged and leaky ducts is the accumulation of mold and mildew in your home. Mold and mildew are really easy to detect just by smelling, so if you pick the scent up, it may point to ductal damage. Ducts that promote the growth of mildew and mold are likely poorly insulated and sealed. However, they can be fixed and prevented with proper repair.

HVAC Noise

While HVAC systems are supposed to make noise when they operate outside, you should not be hearing it indoors. If the plastic and fiberglass joints that connect your ducts are worn-out, they will probably rattle and whistle, which are very unpleasant sounds to hear inside your home. If you hear extraneous rattling or whistling sounds inside your home, you should have the joints in your ducts inspected.

Dust Buildup

If you have a buildup of dust in your home, it could be triggered by leaky ducts that allow outside dust to enter and blow throughout the house. To stop your sneezing fits and other allergies, consider getting your ducts repaired and tightened up.

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