3 Ways You Can Save Money With a Smart Thermostat

April 11, 2022
Smart Thermostats in Hayden, ID

Smart thermostats are like home heating and cooling self-driving cars. They take the manual labor out of your day-to-day heating and cooling routine. They do so by quietly, reliably, and efficiently learning your heating and cooling preferences. Here are three ways that smart thermostats help you save money.

1. Reduce Energy Use

Smart thermostats automatically make intelligent adjustments to your home’s temperature throughout the day and night to keep you comfortable while saving energy and money on energy bills. For example, a smart thermostat can turn down the heat when nobody is home. It can detect when you’re at work and turn itself up when you get home. It will learn your patterns over time and make small adjustments to help save energy.

2. Monitor Energy Use

Smart thermostats also allow you to access a detailed report of how much energy your home has used throughout the month using the internet or an app. The report will detail your heating and cooling system’s total daily, monthly, and yearly usage. You will be able to see how much energy you are using, and you can use this information to see where you can make changes to save energy.

3. Control Multiple Devices

Smart thermostats control your heating and cooling system, but many can also be used to control lights, appliances, security systems, and other items in your home. For example, some smart units can even control the temperature of your hot tub. It can turn it up or down to keep it at the perfect temperature for your comfort. A smart thermostat can also control when you want the lights on and off in your home. With a single smart control, you can save energy and money.

At Border Sheet Metal & Heating, we can help you find the perfect smart thermostat for your Hayden home and then install it for you. Our trained and certified specialists offer a full range of HVAC services for residential customers. We also provide duct cleaning and services for garage heaters and gas fireplaces. For more information and inquiries, contact Border Sheet Metal & Heating today.

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