Keep Your Cool: Four Tips to Troubleshoot AC Problems

June 12, 2023
HVAC tips

Even with the relatively mild temperatures throughout the summer around Hayden, your home will get uncomfortable when your AC is having trouble. Consider these four tips to troubleshoot your AC problem, then call for repair service if it’s still not working.

1. Inspect Your Air Filter

A clogged air filter will restrict airflow through the system, leading to many problems from low airflow from your vents to a system that won’t start. Inspect your air filters and change them if you notice visible dirt on the intake side, usually every 30 to 90 days for 1- and 2-inch filters

2. Check the Breaker

Sometimes a circuit breaker will trip and prevent your AC from cycling. Make sure to check both the inside breaker and the one outside by your condensing unit. If it continues tripping, don’t force it to close; call for a professional to troubleshoot the problem.

3. Make Sure Your Vents Are Clear

Without enough clearance to allow air to circulate, your AC won’t effectively cool your home. Check each supply vent making sure that they’re open and have at least two inches around and above each one clear. Your return vent may need more, so check with your maintenance technician for their recommended clearance.

4. Clear Around Your Outdoor Condensing Unit

The condensing unit outside your home must draw air through to expel the heat from the circulating refrigerant. Overgrown grass, shrubs, and branches that are too close and even pollen and dirt from the air can impede this airflow. Make sure to give two feet around the unit and five feet above it to allow proper circulation. Gently rinse the outside of the unit while it’s off to clean off any dirt or contaminants that may clog the system.

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