Ways to Make Your AC Unit More Energy Efficient

July 26, 2022
AC Unit in Hayden. ID

Cooling your home during the summer is expensive, so you want your AC unit to operate as efficiently as possible. There are several ways you can improve its energy efficiency and save money on your electricity bills.

Plug Leaks in Your Home’s Envelope

It’s important to limit the leaks in your home’s envelope. Plug leaks around your doors and windows. Make sure your attic is sealed. By keeping cool air inside your home, your AC unit won’t have to work as hard and will operate more efficiently.

Keep Up With Filter Changes

When the air filter in your cooling system is dirty, it limits the flow of air. This decreases the efficiency your AC unit can operate at. You should change it every three months and more often if you have pets.

Get an AC Tune-Up

Your AC unit should be maintained every spring. The technician will clean critical components and perform other tasks that help it operate as efficiently as possible.

Border Sheet Metal & Heating in Hayden, ID, does AC tune-ups. Our company has NATE-certified technicians, and we’ve been in business since 1942. You can rely on us for any of your air conditioning needs.

Open Your Registers

You may think you can save energy by closing registers in little-used rooms. This practice will actually cost you money as it throws off the balance of cool air your AC unit is meant to provide. Make sure there isn’t furniture or other obstructions over the registers as well.

Add Insulation

There needs to be sufficient insulation in your attic to keep cool air inside your home. If you have an older home, it’s likely there isn’t enough insulation according to the current codes. Also, you should make sure the insulation is spread uniformly without any gaps or low points.

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