Why Get Your Ducts Cleaned?

August 10, 2021
Duct Cleaning Services in Hayden, ID

Dirty ducts cause many problems, especially for households with allergy sufferers. Professionals have the equipment and experience to ensure your ducts aren’t causing problems in your home.

Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning

There are several signs your ducts need to be cleaned. You may see dust and dirt collecting around vents and registers, or there’s visible mold growing. You may have hot and cold spots in your home because of inconsistent airflow. There may be a musty odor or signs that there are insects or rodents in your ducts.

Better Indoor Air Quality

All the air in your home cycles through your ductwork about five to seven times a day. When your ducts are dirty, your indoor air quality can suffer. Getting ducts cleaned will remove dust, pet hairs, pollen and other unwanted debris from your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Your heating and cooling system works best when your ducts are clean. A heating and cooling system has to work harder when ducts are dirty as airflow is reduced. This will result in higher energy bills than you’d otherwise be paying.

Border Sheet Metal & Heating in Hayden, ID, has a duct cleaning service. This service is performed by NATE-certified technicians, so you can be confident it’s performed correctly.

Eliminate Odors

Dirty ducts can produce bad smells in your home. Dust, dirt and other debris in your ducts create these smells. Once your ducts are professionally cleaned, you’ll have fresh air in your home, and there won’t be unwelcome odors coming from them.

Improved System Durability

Your furnace and air conditioner have to work harder when your ducts are dirty. This can cause them to have a shorter lifespan than they otherwise would. Dirty ducts can also end up in your equipment needing repairs.

Border Sheet Metal & Heating also repairs, installs and tunes up heaters and air conditioners. Other services include ductless, solar, geothermal, water heaters, new construction, gas fireplaces and garage heaters. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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