What Type Of Water Heater Is Most Energy Efficient?

February 5, 2021
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Considering how much energy water heaters can use, it’s important to find a water heater that offers improved efficiency to ensure your utility bills don’t get out of control. Fortunately, there are several good options that offer plenty of hot water and help reduce your Hayden home’s energy consumption. Here are a few options that the pros at Border Sheet Metal & Heating recommend.

Heat Pump Water Heater

Although they’re still somewhat of a niche product, heat pump water heaters have a lot going for them. These state-of-the-art water heaters feature a refrigerant line that pulls heat from the surrounding air in your home. Since they don’t have to create heat on their own, these types of water heaters are significantly more efficient than a standard water heater.

Tankless Water Heater

To enjoy nearly limitless hot water for showers or other uses, it’s a good idea to take a look at tankless water heaters from Border Sheet Metal & Heating. Also known as on-demand water heaters, tankless water heaters store only a negligible amount of water, creating the rest using large amounts of gas or electricity when the hot water is needed. Since a tankless water heater only uses energy when you need hot water, it doesn’t waste energy to keep the water warm throughout the day.

Care for Your Water Heater

Even if it’s not quite time to replace your water heater, there are steps you can take to help make your existing water heater more efficient. One of the most important maintenance items is to drain your water heater at least once a year. Draining your tank helps to stir up and remove any sediment that’s in the tank so that the heating elements can heat the water more efficiently.

Your Water Heater Experts

Whether you need water heater maintenance, repair, or installation, the pros at Border Sheet Metal & Heating can take care of you. In addition, we offer a complete line of HVAC services, including furnace maintenance and air conditioner repair. You can also find ductwork repair and cleaning, garage heaters, solar-ready equipment, and other home comfort solutions among our services. Our five-star customer reviews speak to our hard-earned reputation for quality and integrity in everything we do. To learn more about efficient water heaters for your home, contact us at Border Sheet Metal & Heating today.

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